<Award> Prof. Yasuyuki Takata receives "JSME Thermal Engineering Award for International Activity"

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Prof. Yasuyuki Takata (Thermal Science and Engineering Division) has recently received the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers’ “Thermal Engineering Award for International Activity.”


The award is presented to researchers or engineers who have encouraged the thermal engineering field to increase its presence in the international community or contributed to the development of the thermal engineering area in Japan.


Prof. Takata was given the award for his distinguished achievements in advancing academic exhanges in the thermal engineering research in Japan, China, South Korea and other Asian countries by serving as the chair / vice-chair of many international councils including the First Pacific Rim Thermal Engineering Conference and establishing the Asian Union of Thermal Science and Engineering.

Prof. Takata receives the award on stage
Prof. Takata (front center) poses for a photo at the award ceremony