<Award> Teams of Profs. Ishihara and Kilner receive Daiwa Adrian Prize at Royal Society ceremony

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Prof. Tatsumi Ishihara (Lead Principal Investigator) and Prof. Aleksandar Staykov of the Molecular Photoconversion Devices Division and Prof. John Kilner (Principal Investigator), Prof. John Druce and Prof. Helena Tellez of the Electrochemical Energy Conversion Division have received the “Daiwa Adrian Prize 2016.”


Profs. Ishihara, Kilner and their collaborators won the prestigious prize for their research of “Ceramic Oxide Surfaces: Gas-Solid Interactions for High Temperature Electrochemical Devices.” Their research was recognized as a high-quality research in the field of science and the contribution to the Anglo-Japanese relations. This prize is given to international joint research teams of UK and Japan who conduct outstanding partnership projects in the field of basic science and applied science.


The prize was presented to the teams at the ceremony held at the Royal Society in the UK on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.