The paper of Dr. Saravanan was published in "Tribology International"

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The paper of Dr. Saravanan (Hydrogen Materials Compatibility Division, I2CNER) was published in “Tribology International”


Poor tribological properties of SU-8, a promising MEMS structural material, have been recently addressed by developing a perflouropolyether (Z-dol) lubricant droplet-filled SU-8 composite. The composite shows wear durability four orders of magnitude greater than that of SU-8. The chemical reaction between the SU-8 and PFPE molecules and the physical self-lubrication mechanism were found responsible for this dramatic improvement. In this work, the self-lubrication mechanism at the ball–composite interface of SU-8+5 wt% Z-dol composite was further investigated by varying sliding speed. Effects of normal load on the tribological responses of SU-8+5 wt% Z-dol composite was also investigated independently and various possible wear mechanisms are proposed.


Title:A comprehensive study on the self-lubrication mechanisms of SU-8 composites

Authors: Prabakaran Saravanan, Sujeet K. Sinha, Sundaramurthy Jayaraman, Hai M. Duong


Published: Available online 3 December 2015