The paper of Dr. Ikeda and Assoc. Prof. Tsuji was published in "International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control".

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The paper of Dr. Tatsunori Ikeda (CO2 Storage Research Division, I2CNER) and Assoc. Prof. Takeshi Tsuji  was published in “International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control“.


In this paper, we estimated 3D S-wave velocity distribution of the Tomakomai CO2 storage site by applying the advanced surface-wave analysis (Figure 1). The estimated heterogeneous structure can provide vital information for estimations of lithology strength used for geomechanical modeling, and permeability heterogeneity used in reservoir simulation. This study contributes to realization of CCS suitable for heterogeneous geological formations typical of Japan.

Figure 1. The estimated 3D S-wave velocity structure