The paper of Prof. Robertson and Prof. Sofronis was published in "Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A & B".

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The paper of Prof. Ian Robertson (Principal Investigator, Hydrogen Materials Compatibility Research DivisionI²CNER), Prof. Petros Sofronis (Director), Dr. Akihide Nagao and Dr.Shuai Wang and their collaborative research group was published in “Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A & B“.


Also, Prof. Ian Robertson  received 2014 ASM Edward DeMille Campbell Memorial Lectureship.



The connection between hydrogen-enhanced plasticity and the hydrogen-induced fracture mechanism and pathway is established through examination of the evolved microstructural state immediately beneath fracture surfaces including voids, “quasi-cleavage,” and intergranular surfaces. This leads to a new understanding of hydrogen embrittlement in which hydrogen-enhanced plasticity processes accelerate the evolution of the microstructure, which establishes not only local high concentrations of hydrogen but also a local stress state. Together, these factors establish the fracture mechanism and pathway.


・Title: Hydrogen Embrittlement Understood
・Authors: Ian M. Robertson, P. Sofronis, A. Nagao, M. L. Martin, S. Wang, D. W. Gross, K. E. Nygren
・DOI: 10.1007/s11663-015-0325-y