Prof. T. Ishihara was given the title of “Distinguished Professor” by Kyushu University.

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Prof. Tatsumi Ishihara (I²CNER PI, Hydrogen Production Research Division) was given the title of “Distinguished Professor” by Kyushu University. The system of naming Distinguished Professors is an original system established by Kyushu University in April of 2009. The details are as follows.




Kyushu University, in line with its scientific charter, is expanding new views based on the academic traditions of a variety of field and studies. Its mission is to lead in producing intellectual advancements worthy of high regard from around the world, and towards this end, the university is always aiming high and taking up the challenge of opening up new grounds. Therefore, in order to endorse, support, and stimulate this kind of advanced research activity, a particular professor of our university with outstanding achievements in his or her specialized field is chosen to help guide the school in strategies on future research activities. This individual is conferred the title of “Distinguished Professor”.



Prof. Sasaki, Prof. Horita, Prof. Naruta, Prof. Takahara and Prof. Adachi have also been given the title of Distinguished Professors in I²CNER.

Prof. Tatsumi ISHIHARA