<Award>Prof. T. Ishihara, Prof. J. Kilner and Prof. H. Tuller receive the 2012 Somiya Award

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Prof. Tatsumi Ishihara (I²CNER PI, Hydrogen Production Research Division), Prof. John A. Kilner (I²CNER PI, Hydrogen Production Research Division (Imperial College London, UK)) and Prof. Harry L. Tuller (I²CNER PI, Fuel Cells Research Division (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA)) have won the 2012 Somiya Award. The 2012 Somiya Award has been awarded to the research team for international collaboration in materials research.


<Award project title>

Design of ionic and mixed conducting ceramics for fuel cell application


Prof. Tatsumi Ishihara
Prof. John A. Kilner
(Leader of international collaboration team)
Prof. Harry L. Tuller