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Seminars / Symposiums

140th Institute Interest Seminar Series took place (2019.3.4)

Dr.Sivasankaran Harish, Assistant Professor, 
(Thermal Science and Engineering)

Dr.Tatsunori Ikeda, Assistant Professor 
(CO2 Storage)


At the venue  

Date & Time: Monday  March 4th, 2019, 15:00  p.m. - 16:30 p.m.


Venue: 2nd Floor Conference room, I2CNER Building 1 (Center Zone), Ito campus



Dr.Sivasankaran Harish, Assistant Professor, Thermal Science and Engineering 

"Interfacial Thermal Transport in Graphene Based Nanocomposites During First-Order Phase Transition"



Dr.Tatsunori Ikeda, Assistant Professor (CO2 Storage)

"Monitoring of seismic velocity in CO2 storage sites using a continuous and controlled seismic source"



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