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Research Performance

Electrochemical Production of Glycolic Acid from Oxalic Acid Using a Polymer Electrolyte Alcohol Electrosynthesis Cell Containing a Porous TiO2 Catalyst

<Press Release> Prof. Takeshi Tsuji and his collaborators published a paper in "Science Advances"

<Press Release> New Catalyst Developed for Solar Cells and Fuel Cells

A paper of Prof. Chihaya Adachi and his collaborator was published in "Nature"

A paper by Assist. Prof. Daniel Orejon, Prof. Yasuyuki Takata and their collaborators published in "ACS Applied Materials & Interface"

A paper by Prof. Seiji Ogo and their collaborators published in "Science"

【Press Release】Cutting-edge technology for mass production of highly formable Ni-based superalloy

<Press Release> Systematically studying slippery surfaces: I2CNER researchers explore the structure-property relationship of polymer brushes

Focus Review by Assist. Prof. Tomoyasu Hirai, Prof. Motoyasu Kobayashi and Prof. Atsushi Takahara published in "Polymer Chemistry"

<Award> Assoc. Prof. Ken Kojio receives "The SRJ Technical Development Award" (The Society of Rheology, Japan)

<Award> Assist. Prof. Tomoyasu Hirai receives "Young Scientist Award of the Society of Polymer Science" (The Society of Polymer Science, Japan)

An international joint research paper by Prof. Atsushi Takahara, Assist. Prof. Yuji Higaki and Prof. Hui Wu published in Royal Society of Chemistry's "Soft Matter"

Prof. Atsushi Takahara appointed as the President of MRS-J (The Materials Research Society of Japan)

<Award> Prof. Atsushi Takahara receives the "Outstanding Achievement Award" of The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan

A paper by Assist. Prof. Naoya Sakoda and his collaborators at the Research Center for Next Generation Refrigerant Properties (NEXT-RP) published in "Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data"

<Award> Prof. Horita Zenji receives "NanoSPD Achievement Award"

A joint research paper by I²CNER and Doshisha University published in "Scientific Reports"

A paper of Postdoctoral Research Associate Singh Shiwani, and Prof. Takeshi Tsuji and their collaborative researcher was published in "Physical Review E"

A paper of Postdoctoral Research Associate Jihui Jia, and Prof. Takeshi Tsuji and their collaborative research group was published in "Accounts of Chemical Research" (2016 Impact Factor: 20.268)

A paper of Prof. Seiji Ogo and his collaborators published in "Angewandte Chemie International Edition" and featured as its front cover

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