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Purpose of the Research

The mission of I2CNER is to contribute to the creation of a sustainable and environmentally friendly society by advancing fundamental science to reduce CO2 emissions and establish a non-fossil based energy carrier system.


A Carbon Neutral Energy Vision for Japan

(Parameter Space of Technology Options)


As the newest initiative of the WPI, the objective of I2CNER is to develop the science required to eliminate barriers and enable the technological breakthroughs necessary for a hydrogen-based society and efficient CO2 capture and sequestration.


The Institute’s research agenda covers the areas of hydrogen production and storage; hydrogen tolerant materials; fuel cells; “greening” chemical reactions and catalysts; CO2 capture; as well as geological sequestration.


This broad-based approach cuts across the boundaries of chemistry, physics, materials science, mechanics, geoscience, and biomimetics bridging multi-dimensional spatial and temporal scales for phenomena occurring at the interface between materials and hydrogen, oxygen, and CO2.

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