Professor Emeritus Murakami named ICF Honorary Fellow

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Professor Emeritus Murakami, the former Vice Director of I2CNER, has been named an honorary fellow of the International Congress on Fracture (ICF) for his seminal contributions to the understanding of the fatigue behavior of materials and structure.
He will be inducted into the Honorary Fellowship at the 15th International Conference on Fracture (ICF15), 11th-16th June, 2023 at the Omni Hotel, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
He was awarded the Paul C. Paris Gold Medal by the ICF in 2013.

About ICF:
The aim of the international congress on fracture (ICF) is to foster research in the mechanics and phenomena of fracture, fatigue, and strength of materials. Such research will enable the development of more failure resistant materials and the development of better design methods that lead to safer structures. Further aims are to promote international cooperation among scientists and engineers in the field, and to foster integration of the many disciplines involved in such an inherently multidisciplinary field. ICF provides means whereby results of such efforts may be publicly communicated, including its congress held every 4 years.