<Award> Prof. Yukina Takahashi received "Masao Horiba Awards"

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Prof. Yukina Takahashi (Advanced Energy Materials Thrust) has received Masao Horiba Awards 2022 for the “Development of Highly Efficient Hydrogen Generation System by Plasmon-Induced Charge Separation Using Sunlight as Energy Source.” The Target Technical Field of 2022 is Analytical and measurement technologies that contribute to the use of hydrogen for a decarbonized society.


The purpose of this award is to encourage and recognize scientists and engineers relatively early in their careers who are achieving distinguished results in the field of analytical science and technology. For more information, click here. 


Atsushi Horiba, Award Director of the Masao Horiba Awards (left) & Prof. Takahashi (right)
Winners lecture at 2022 Award Ceremony