Seismic device made for extraterrestrial research can help tackle climate change on earth

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A research group led by Prof. Takeshi Tsuji (Multiscale Science and Engineering for Energy and the Environment Thrust / University of Tokyo) and Prof. Tatsunori Ikeda has developed a minimal Portable Active Seismic Source (PASS) system for imaging and monitoring geological formations.

This research result has been published on “EurekAlert!

Tsuji T., Tsuji S., Kinoshita J., Ikeda T., Ahmad A., 4 cm Portable Active Seismic Source (PASS) for Meter‐ to Kilometer‐Scale Imaging and Monitoring of Subsurface Structures, Seismological Research Letters. (2022).

(a) Seismic source system commonly used for imaging and monitoring of subsurface reservoirs. (b) Meter-scale continuous monitoring source system. (c) Centimeter-scale continuous monitoring source system developed in this study.