Listening to the people results in a more sustainable future energy system

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By taking into account the demographics and preferences of US racial groups, clarified through a nationally representative survey of 3,000 US residents, a research group led by Prof. Andrew Chapman (Multiscale Science and Engineering for Energy and the Environment Thrust) created a ‘desirable’ electricity generation mix for 2050 that includes 50% more energy from renewable sources than projections based on current plans and policies.

This research result has also been published on “EurekAlert!

Chapman A., Shigetomi Y., Karmaker S.C., Saha B., Brooks C., Cultural and demographic energy system awareness and preference: Implications for future energy system design in the United States, Energy Economics. (2022).

Fraction of different types of electricity sources in the US in 2050 based on an energy mix plan developed in the study compared with projections by the US Energy Information Administration based on current plans and policies (values in gray).