A paper by a research group of Prof. Aleksandar Staykov published in "Materials Advances”

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A paper by a research group of Profs. Aleksandar Staykov (Advanced Energy Conversion Systems Thrust) and Naotoshi Nakashima (Research Professor) has been published  in the science journal “Materials Advances.”


*Title : Designing a nickel (II) thiourea-formaldehyde polymer/nanocarbon bifunctional molecular catalyst with superior ORR, OER activities and its application to Zn-air battery

*Authors : Pandian Ganesan, Aleksandar Staykov, Albert Mufundirwa, Takeharu Sugiyama, Hiroaki Shu, Mitsugu Uejima, and Naotoshi Nakashima


*First published online : July 2, 2022