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<Press Release> Migration of very long period seismicity at Aso volcano, Japan, associated with the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake

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The relationship beteween Kumamoto Earthquake (April 2016) and the volcanic eruption at Mount.Aso has been analysed and recently identified by Prof. Takeshi Tsuji (CO2 Storage Division) at International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER) /School of Engineering, Graduate school of Engineering, Kyushu University, and Mr Andri Hendriyana (Post-doctoral Research Associate at I2CNER)  Their study has been published on the online edition of science magazine in the United States, Geophysical Research Letters


This study analyzed the volcanic seismic events related to hydrothermal system (i.e. hotspirings) in the area of Aso volcuano during the period including 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and subsequent Aso eruptions. Such seismic event is characterized by its very long period of 15s. Using a newly developed method, two clusters of seismic events, eastern and western, were discovered, in which the western cluster became active after the KUmamoto earthquake. This observation suggest the opening of new cracks after the earthquake changing hydrothermal system. The study demonstrates the strong causal relatinship between Earthquake and volcanic seismicity, providing a key obeservation for future disaster mitigation.


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Geophysical Research Letters