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<Press Release> Want effect policy? Ask the locals

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Want effect policy? Ask the locals.

As multinational organizations such as the United Nations strive to improve life for people across the globe through initiatives like the Sustainable Development Goals, there is a tendency to look for indicators that can be used across the board to drive policy aimed at achieving these objectives. However, analysis of a survey conducted across 37 nations by  Kyushu University in Japan shows that regional economic, developmental, and cultural factors greatly influence the relationships among self‐reported levels of energy affordability, life satisfaction, health, and economic inequality.

“Based on our findings, we can state that there is no ‘one‐size‐fits all’ policy approach that will solve health, economic inequality, life satisfaction, or income level issues,” says Andrew Chapman, associate professor at Kyushu University’s International Institute for Carbon‐Neutral Energy Research and first author of the Nature Sustainability paper announcing the new results. “Instead, policy responses need to be tailored to the nations in which they are to be delivered.”


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