The paper of Prof. Petros Sofronis and Dr. Brian Somerday was published in "International Journal of Fracture".

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The paper of Prof. Petros Sofronis (Direcor, Principal Investigator, Hydrogen Materials Compatibility Research DivisionI²CNER), Dr. Brian Somerday (Lead Principal Investigator, Hydrogen Materials Compatibility Research Division, I²CNER), and their collaborative research group was published in “International Journal of Fracture“.


■ Outline

This paper presents a critical review of current understanding of the effect of hydrogen on fracture and fatigue of metals and alloys. First, microstructures found immediately beneath hydrogen-induced fracture surfaces in various materials are presented. Then, recent progress toward the fundamentals of hydrogen-induced fracture is reported. Lastly, a recent attempt to model hydrogen embrittlement by linking the macroscale (e.g. applied load and hydrogen content) and the operating microscopic degradation mechanism at the local microstructural defect level is reviewed.


■ Paper

* Title: Recent advances on hydrogen embrittlement of structural materials

* Authors: Mohsen Dadfarnia, Akihide Nagao, Shuai Wang, May L. Martin, Brian P. Somerday, and Petros Sofronis

* DOI: 10.1007/s10704-015-0068-4

* Publication Date: 24 December 2015


This was an invited paper by the Journal editor to celebrate The International Journal of Fracture completing 50 years of publication!