<Award> Prof. Freeman received Distinguished Service Award

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Prof. Benny Freeman (Principal Investigator, CO₂ Capture and Utilization Division) received “Distinguished Service Award” from the American Chemical Society’s Division of Polymer Materials: Science and Engineering.


Prof. Benny Freeman has contributed pioneering accomplishments at the intersection of processing and materials properties, especially in the nanocomposites and membrane areas. A Fellow of the ACS, AIChE, AAAS, PMSE Division of the ACS, and the IECR Division of the ACS, Prof. Benny Freeman has also received numerous awards, including PMSE’s Cooperative Research Award and Roy W. Tess Award, and the ACS Award in Applied Polymer Science.  A Past Chair of ACS PMSE, Prof. Benny Freeman continues to serve today as a Counselor for the division.  Last year, Prof. Benny Freeman was recognized with the Cockrell School’s Joe J. King Professional Engineering Award.

Prof. Benny Freeman will be honored at the 250th American Chemical Society Meeting this August in Boston.