Assoc. Prof. Fujikawa made a presentation at "Sceince Cafe @ Fukuoka"

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I2CNER CO2 Capture and Utilization Research Division Leader, Assoc. Prof. Shigenori Fujikawa made a presentation at “23rd Science Cafe @ Fukuoka” held at BIZCOLI on 12th September, 2014.

About 30 people joined this event.

After Assoc. Prof. Fujikawa’s presentation, the participants and Prof. Fujikawa had casual discussion about CO2 related topics.

Thanks to all of the support by the participants, BIZCOLI and Assoc. Prof. Yoshioka of the Experimental Particle Physics, Kyushu University, the event was successful.

Assoc. Prof. Shigenori Fujikawa
From left, Mr. Yahiro (BIZCOLI), Assoc. Prof. Fujikawa and Assoc. Prof. Yoshioka