The paper of Prof. Seiji Ogo was published in "The Chemical Record"

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The paper of Prof. Seiji Ogo (Principal Investigator, Catalytic Materials Transformations Research Division, I2CNER) was published in “The Chemical Record“.


■ Outline

This article summarizes the development of a range of organometallic, biomimetic analogues of [NiFe]hydrogenases and their employment in a new generation of H2-O2 fuel cells. It begins with a summary of O2-sensitive and O2-tolerant enzyme chemistry before detailing the
properties and functionality of our biomimetic complexes, including: the first ever fully functional model, selective H2 and O2 activation, and the first catalyst using only common metals. These systems are centered on Ni–Fe, Ni–Ru, Ir–Ir, and Rh–Rh cores and use a range of ligands that all follow a set of design principles described herein.


■ Paper

* Title: H2 and O2 Activation—A Remarkable Insight into Hydrogenase

* Authors: Seiji Ogo

* DOI: 10.1002/tcr.201402010

* Published Online: May 30, 2014