I2CNER PIs including Director Sofronis participated in "Energy Technology Workshop"

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“Energy Technology Workshop” was held on 9 – 12 March, 2014 in Switzerland.

This workshop was held as one of the events of 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Switzerland and Japan. Director Sofronis (Hydrogen Materials Compatibility Research Division, PI), Prof. Ishihara (Hydrogen Production Research Division, Lead PI) and Prof. Akiba (Hydrogen Storage Research Division, Lead PI) participated in this event. Prof. Schlapbach, WPI Visiting Professor of I2CNER was one of the chairs.

The aim of this workshop was to present and discuss of recent progress in energy R&D and of new approaches to solve challenges of sustainable energy technologies, presentation of national views on energy technologies extended to policies & economics, introduction to major R&D institu-tions. Stimulating collaboration including exchange of young scientists and engineers.

From left, Prof. Akiba, Prof. Ishihara, Mr. Maeda (Ambassador of Japan to Switzerland) and Prof. Sofronis