The paper of Prof. OGO, Assoc. Prof. NAKAI and Assist. Prof. MATSUMOTO was published in "Dalton Transactions".

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The paper of Prof. Seiji OGO, Assoc. Prof. Hidetaka NAKAI and Assist. Prof. Takahiro MATSUMOTO (I2CNER Material Transformations Research Division) was published in “Dalton Transactions” which Royal Society of Chemistry in UK publishes, and their paper was adopted as the cover.



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Establishing the mechanism of Rh-catalysed activation of O2 by H2

Daisuke Inoki, Takahiro Matsumoto, Hideki Hayashi, Keisuke Takashita, Hidetaka Nakai and Seiji Ogo

Dalton Trans. 201241, 4328-4334.