I²CNER is in action! "Gordon Research Conference: Hydrogen-Metal Systems"

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The 2011 Gordon Research Conferences on Hydrogen-Metal Systems took place on July 17-22, 2011. This annual conference brings together was bringing the  world’s top scientists from around the world to discuss the latest and unpublished research results.


The following I²CNER members gave invited talks this year;


Petros Sofronis,       I²CNER Director (Invited speaker)

Ian Robertson,         I²CNER Chief Science Advisor (Invited speaker)

Ping Chen,               I²CNER Principal Investigator (Hydrogen Storage Materials) (Invited speaker)

Junko Matsuda,        I²CNER Assistant Professor    (Hydrogen Storage Materials) (Invited speaker)

Louis Schlapbach,   I²CNER Principal Investigator (Hydrogen Storage Materials) (Discussion Leader)

Etsuo Akiba,            I²CNER Lead Principal Investigator (Hydrogen Storage Materials) (Former Chair)