R&D Project by Prof. Shigenori Fujikawa was adopted as Moonshot Goal Targeting Recovery of Global Environment

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An R&D Project by Assoc. prof. Shigenori Fujikawa (Multiscale Science and Engineering for Energy and the Environment Thrust) titled ”Development of Global CO2 Recycling Technology towards “Beyond-Zero” Emission” was adopted as one of NEDO’s 13 R&D Projects Under Moonshot Goal Targeting Recovery of Global Environment.

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (“NEDO”) has selected 13 R&D projects aimed at achieving the Moonshot Goal “Realization of sustainable resource circulation to recover the global environment by 2050.”

In this program, challenging R&D will be promoted, such as technologies to capture CO2 directly from the atmosphere and convert it into valuable materials, technologies to convert low-concentration nitrogen compounds which are released from farmlands or factories into harmless and useful materials, and development of biodegradable plastics which degrade with appropriate timing and speed when they flow into the sea.

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