Two I2CNER research projects have been selected for the "Adopting Sustainable Partnerships for Innovative Research Ecosystem (ASPIRE)”

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Research projects by Profs. Tatsumi Ishihara and Motonori Watanabe (Advanced Energy Conversion Systems Thrust) have been selected for Adopting Sustainable Partnerships for Innovative Research Ecosystem (ASPIRE) by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST).

The program provides funding to develop and strengthen Japan’s scientific and technological capabilities through supporting international joint research in scientific and technological fields, while simultaneously promoting researcher mobility in the Japanese research community by connecting top researchers from Japan and other leading countries in scientific research.

Profs. Ishihara, Watanabe and their team will each pursue international research collaborations entitled “Manufacturing of ion conducting membrane applied for novel intermediate temperature electrolyzer for carbon neutral society” and “Study of organic-inorganic composite interfaces for fast charge transport on photoelectrolysis device”.

→ For more information, please visit the JST Press Release.