Bidyut Baran Saha, PhD

Professor and Principal Investigator
Thermal Science and Engineering Div.
International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (WPI-I2CNER)

Room 302, Building 2, I2CNER,
Kyushu University,
744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka,
819-0395, Japan,

Proceedings of I2CNER Annual Symposium 2018

Recent News

  Theoretical framework to evaluate minimum desorption temperature for IUPAC classified adsorption isotherms, published in IJHMT (Feb. 2018). Congratulations to all authors!
  Thermodynamic feasibility evaluation of hybrid dehumidification–mechanical vapour compression systems, published in Applied Energy (Jan. 2018). Congratulations to all authors!
  Study on the influence of adsorbent particle size and heat exchanger aspect ratio on dynamic adsorption characteristics, published in ATE (Jan. 2018). Congratulations to all authors!
  Congratulations to Mr. M. L. Palash for receiving Bronze Award with 0.3 million yen research grant for outsanding research proposal from Kyushu Univesrity Platform of Inter-/Transdisciplinary Energy Research (Q-PIT) (Jan 31, 2018)
  We won the 1st prize in the "Hult Prize 2018- Campus final" in Kyushu University (Dec 17, 2017). The team will now represent Kyushu University in the regional final to be held in March 2018 in one of the 16 locations worldwide.
  Congratulations to Mr. MD. Amirul Islam for receiving "BEST PRESENTATION AWARD" in International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES 2017) (20th Oct. 2017)
  Congratulations to Mr. M L Palash for receiving prestigious IGSES Dean's Award (Kyushu University, Japan) for outstanding academic performance and research achievements
(25th Sep. 2017)

Featured Article 2017 - 2018

  Thermodynamic feasibility evaluation of hybrid dehumidification – mechanical vapour compression systems

Applied Energy, Volume 213, 31-44,
1 March 2018

K.Thu, S.Mitra, B.B.Saha, S.Srinivasa Murthy
    Ionic liquid as a new binder for activated carbon based consolidated composite adsorbents, Chemical Engineering Journal, Volume 326, 980-986, 15 October 2017
A. Pal, M.S.R. Shahrom, M. Moniruzzaman, C.D. Wilfred, S. Mitra, K. Thu, B.B. Saha