Research Interests

Development of sustainable adsorption cooling cycles
Characterization of promising adsorbent/adsorbates
Thermophysical properties of next gen refrigerants
Carbon neutral energy conversion systems

Research Activities

Layout of research activities
Water loading lifts for various adsorbents and impact
Here, adsorption-desorption cycle of silica gel – water (A′B′CD) and MOF – water (ABCD), where the evaporator pressure is 1 kPa and the condenser pressure is 5 kPa.
Schematics of single and two-stage adsorption cooling systems
Multi-stage adsorption chiller
Schematic and photograph of the dual-mode adsorption chiller
Adsorption cooling systems in pressure-enthalpy-uptake and
pressure-temp.-concentration diagram
Adsorption isotherms and kinetics of ethanol onto MOF
New promising adsorbents for waste-heat driven adsorption refrigeration cycle