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2018年9月第1回HFO冷媒利用に関する国際会議(Sep.2-5, Birmingham, UK)にて発表しました。

1st IIR International Conference on the Application of HFO Refrigerants
場所: Birmingham, UK


1. Kondou, C., Egawa, A., Koyama, S., “Evaporation heat transfer of HFC-32/HFO-1123 (60/40 mass%)flow in a horizontal microfin tube”
2.Akasaka,R.,Higashi, Y.,Koyama, S.,”Development of the Equation of State for HCFO-1224yd(Z):Detailed and Extensive Evaluation of the Current Equation and Outlook for a New Equation”
3.Kano,Y.,Kayukawa,Y.,Fujita,Y.,”Speed of Sound and Dielectric Constant Measurements for a Mixture of HFO-1123 and R-32 in the Gas Phase”
4.Miyara,A.,Md.J Alam.,Kariya,K.,”Measurements of Transport Properties of Low GWP Refrigerant HCFO-1224yd(Z)(cis-I-Chloro-2,3,3,3-tetrafluoropropene;CF3CF=CHCI)
5. Kondou, C., Tsuyashima, T., Higashi, Y., “Surface Tension Measurement for Low GWP refrigerants HFO-1123 and HCFO-1224yd(Z)”