I2CNER laboratory
Assoc. Prof. Toshinori Matsushima
Assoc. Prof. Motonori Watanabe
Assoc. Prof. Aleksandar Staykov
It is necessary to effectively use renewable energy toward realization of a carbon-neutral society. We focus our attention on solar energy as one renewable energy and conduct research on solar cells, which can directly convert sunlight into electricity. We aim at establishing basic science and technology to increase solar power conversion efficiency, long-term stability, and cell area in solution-processable hybrid perovskite solar cells.
Watanabe Group develops new organic materials and conducts research on functional organic devices. We research with the goal of developing functional devices that have unprecedented properties by drawing out the properties of organic materials and combining them with inorganic materials. We aim to realize a carbon-neutral society by developing photocatalysts using organic / inorganic hybrid devices, producing hydrogen using water as an electron source, reducing carbon dioxide, and developing photoelectro-organic devices.
Staykov laboratory specializes in theoretical chemistry and computational materials science. We use computer simulations to understand the structure and properties of energy materials for solid oxide fuel cells, gas separation membranes, and catalysis. We apply the methods of classical and quantum mechanics to understand the electronic properties of solids and molecules. We develop novel artificial intelligence and machine learning methods for application in the materials design.