We held a BBQ party at Matsumoto-sensei’s house to congratulate 4th year students, Mr. Tamaya and Mr. Iwasaki, for passing the graduate school entrance exam.
Once again, congratulations on passing the graduate school exam! 😛
We are very happy to hear that both of them will continue to work in Matsumoto’s lab after their master’s program :lol:.
We were also joined by Ulugbek and Joanna Pośpiech from Gdansk University of Technology, who were staying with us since the international conference held the other day. Thank you very much!
Let’s keep up the good work in the second semester!

↑Matsumoto Sensei’s beloved dog Chacha-chan🐶.

↑Handmade pizzas🍕 made in the pizza oven at the teacher’s house are very popular and disappear quickly 🙂

We had a lot of delicious meat 😀