I²CNER Research Seeds

  • Materials / Transport / Heat
  • Hydrogen Compounds

Hydrogen embrittlement, Creep in hydrogen, Impurities, Mitigation of hydrogen embrittlement, Fretting fatigue in hydrogen

Kubota, Masanobu (Lead PI)

Professor & Principal Investigator

Research Outline

Hydrogen embrittlement and mitigation of hydrogen embrittlement by impurities

Effect of hydrogen on fatigue crack growth, fatigue life, fatigue limit, fracture toughness and other material strength properties are studied. Moreover, mitigation of hydrogen effect by impurity gases is studied.

Creep in hydrogen

Creep test in hydrogen at 600℃ is conducted. Effect of hydrogen on creep strength properties is studied.

Fretting fatigue in hydrogen

Metal fatigue involving friction and wear is studied.

Research Methods and Facilities

Hydrogen embrittlement testing machines
  • For fatigue crack growth, fatigue life, fatigue limit, fracture toughness, SSRT, fretting fatigue tests, etc.
  • Maximum hydrogen gas pressure : 140 MPa
  • Temperature range: -45℃~200℃
Hydrogen chamber equipped creep testing machine
  • Maximum hydrogen gas temperature : 600℃