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発表予告(Prior Notice)

(Prior notice) Prof.Matsumoto, Kwati, Dr.Veeramani, & Dr.Fujisaki will have peresentation in Kyushu University

conference homepage (Titles) Nov.27 9:55– Prof.Matsumoto:ストロンチウムセレー …

(Prior Notice) Dr. Fujisaki is going to have presentation at MRS fall meeting(Dec.1-Dec.6) in Boston, the U.S.. Title of Presentation:Oxide Ion Vacancies and Covalency Difference to Understand …

(Prior Notice) Dr. Veeramani & Dr. Lai are going to have presentation at JK-Ceramics(Nov.20-Nov.23) in Tottori in Japan.

Details of Conference: Title of Presentation ・Dr. V …