The 2018 farewell party

Takamura(D3) doctoral thesis Hearing

2019/02/08(FRI) 15:00~17:00 W4-312

Fujisaki(D3) doctoral thesis Hearing

2019/02/06(WED) 10:30~ Chikushi Campus

Graduation photography

year-end party.

Introductory article on steam electrolysis using proton-conducting oxides has been published in August issue of CERAMICS JAPAN.

Steam Electrolysis Using Proton-Conducting Oxide Cells (in Japanese) Key-words:Steam electrolysis, SOEC, Hydro …

A paper by Yuki Terayama researcher was introduced in “Science Trends(Science Website)”.

Science Trends(Science Website)  Preparation of hydrophobic electrocatalyst layer and inorganic porous electro …

BBQ party for B4 members.

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