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International Workshop on Multifunctional Energy/Nano Materials (MENM2020)

February 10, 2020, Fukuoka, Japan

Workshop Photos


The first International Workshop on Multifunctional Energy/Nano Materials (MENM2020) will be held in Fukuoka, Japan on February 10, 2020. In this workshop, we will exchange information and views on nanomaterials and energy materials with advanced multifunctional properties. The topics we discuss in the workshop include mechanical/structural properties, hydrogen-related properties, catalytic/photocatalytic properties and electrical/electronic properties of metallic, non-metallic and organic materials. In particular, we will focus on high-entropy alloys and on the significance of severe plastic deformation, grain refinement, phase transformations and lattice defects on various properties. Any related talks including processing, characterization and applications are also welcome.


Important Dates and Times

January 20 (Friday)             24:00                 Deadline for Abstract Submission

February 10 (Monday)        12:30 -              On-site Registration

February 10 (Monday)        13:00 - 18:10    Presentations

February 10 (Monday)        19:00 -              Banquet


Workshop Venue

Conference Room 217, I2CNER-I Building, International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research, Ito Campus, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan (https://www.kyushu-u.ac.jp/en/campus/ito/)



Registration fee for regular participants is JPY 10,000, which is paid at the registration desk on February 10. There is no registration fee for students.



All presentations are made by oral.



Banquet is held at Zauo Restaurant (http://www.zauo.com/zauo_honten/for-group/). A bus transfers the participants from the I2CNER to the restaurant and from the restaurant to the I2CNER and Kyudai-Gakkentoshi JR Station.



Labtour can be arranged during coffee break on the request. Participants need to contact the organizers during the workshop.



Chairman: Kaveh EDALATI, Associate Professor, International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER), Kyushu University,  E-mail: kaveh.edalati@kyudai.jp

Secretariat: Qing WANG,  E-mail: qingwang0921@gmail.com

MENM2020 Workshop Program

    Conference Room 217, I2CNER-I Building, Ito Campus, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

   February 10, 2020 (Monday)

12:30 - 13:00


   February 10 (Monday)  Session (1)    Chairperson: Kaveh Edalati (I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan)

13:00 - 13:20

Zenji Horita

Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan

In-situ observation of allotropy produced by high pressure torsion

13:20 - 13:40

Ikuo Taniguchi

I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan

Biodegradable polymers with low-temperature formability upon pressure-induced phase transition

13:40 - 13:50

Yoshifumi Ikoma

Kyushu University, Japan

Behaviour of semiconductor materials under severe plastic deformation

13:50 - 14:00

Qing Wang

I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan

Black zirconia as an active photocatalyst

14:00 - 14:10

Ikuro Fujita

Kyushu University, Japan

Enhanced photocatalytic activity of oxides by oxygen vacancy generation using high-pressure torsion

14:10 - 14:20

Saeid Akrami

Ferdowsi University, Iran

Computer-assisted optimization of dimethyl ether synthesis

14:20 - 14:50

    <Workshop Photo & Coffee Break>

   February 10 (Monday)  Session (2)    Chairperson: Hai-Wen Li (Kyushu University, Japan)

14:50 - 15:10

Hyoung Seop Kim

Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH), Korea

Strengthening by multiple mechanisms of high-entropy alloys (HEAs)

15:10 - 15:30

Jae-il Jang

Hanyang University, Korea

Recent nanoindentation studies on advanced structural materials: what can we additionally do with this?

15:30 - 15:40

Xiuling Huan

Nanjing Forestry University, China

Automatic apple grading system based on ANN and mono-ocular three-views-synchronized image acquisition

15:40 - 15:50

Yongpeng Tang

I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan

High strength and high ductility in Al-Mg spinodal alloy

15:50 - 16:00

Abbas Mohammadi

I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan

Influence of nanotwins on hydrogen embrittlement of TWIP steel

16:00 - 16:10

Yang Wang

Harbin Engineering University, China

High strength and high ductility in Al-Li alloys by combining HPT and aging

16:10 - 16:40

    <Coffee Break>

   February 10 (Monday)  Session (3)   Chairperson: Yongpeng Tang (I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan)

16:40 - 17:00

Etsuo Akiba

Kyushu University, Japan

Hydrogen storage by multi-principal element alloys

17:00 - 17:20

Ricardo Floriano

University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil

Synthesis and characterization of nanostructured hydrogen-storage materials

17:20 - 17:40

Hai-Wen Li

Kyushu University, Japan

Solid-state inorganic hydrides for multiple energy applications

17:40 - 17:50

Parisa Edalati

Ferdowsi University, Iran

Fast and reversible room-temperaure hydrogen storage in a high-entropy alloy

17:50 - 18:00

Zhongliang Ma

Nanjing Tech University, China

Catalyst improved hydrogen storage properties of MgH2

18:00 - 18:10

Kaveh Edalati

I2CNER, Kyushu University, Japan

Pressure and strain effect on amino acids: an insight into the oriogin of life

18:30 - 19:00

    <Bus to Banquet>

19:00 - 21:30

    <Banquet in Zauo Resturant>

21:30 - 22:00

    <Bus to I2CNER and Kyudai-Gakkentoshi JR Station>