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WPI 6 Institutes - Joint Symposium

Pannel discussion:Twelve high school students and the seven speakers speak during a pannel discussion

On Saturday, November 12th, I2CNER hosted the first All-WPI Research Center Joint Symposium titled “Cutting Edge Science and Your Future” at Fukuoka Bank Hall. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with 623 participants, many of whom were high school students.


The day officially began with some remarks from Dr. Setsuo Arikawa, President of Kyusyu University, a keynote lecture presented by Toshio Kuroki, WPI Program Director, sending a message to the young audience.


Prof. Petros Sofronis, Director of I2CNER and Prof. Seiji Ogo, Principal Investigator of I2CNER gave lectures followed by five WPI research center presentations who each introduced their center’s research. They also expressed hopes and dreams for the young peoples’ future.


After the center presentations, twelve high school students and each of the seven speakers engaged in a panel discussion, which was led by Ms. Junko Edahiro, an environment journalist.

The day concluded with an opportunity for the participants to view the booths that each center developed and allowed the opportunity for the high school students to personally meet and engage the WPI speakers and staff. 


YouTube (Session 1)

YouTube (Session 2)


Opinion: Petros Sofronis, Director of I2CNER (centre), speaks at a pannel discussion
Demonstrarion: a member of staff demonstrates how to run a  miniature hydrogen car




Welcome/Opening remarks

  • Prof. Setsuo Arikawa, Kyusyu University


  • Toshio Kuroki, WPI Program Director



  • Prof. Petros Sofronis, I2CNER (International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research)
    • Low-Carbon Society with Hydrogen-Based Energy”


  • Prof. Seiji Ogo, I2CNER (International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research) 
    • Hydrogen Energy: Study from Natural Elements”


  • Prof. Motoko Kotani, AIMR (Advanced Institute for Materials Research) 
    • Giving Shape to Dreams”


  • Prof. Hitoshi Murayama, IPMU (Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe) 
    • Dark Matter-Components of the Universe”


  • Prof. Norio Nakatsuji, iCems (Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences)
    • Innumerable Possibilities of ES/iPS Cells”


  • Prof. Kazuhiro Suzuki, IFReC (Immunology Frontier Research Center) 
    • Immune System Visualized in Real Time”


  • Prof. Tsuyoshi Hasegawa, MANA (International Center for Materials Nanoarchitectonics)
    • New Computers with Conceptual Breakthroughs”


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