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Seminars / Symposiums

148th Institute Interest Seminar Series took place (2019.4.18)

Leonard Kwati, Post-doctoral Research Associate (Electrochemical Energy Conversion Division

Dr.Motonori Watanabe, Associate Professor, 

Molecular Photoconversion Devices Division)


At the venue  

Date & Time: Thursday, April 18th 2019, 15:00 p.m. - 16:30 p.m.


Venue: 2nd Floor  Conference Room, I2CNER Building 1 (Center Zone), Ito campus



Leonard Kwati, Post-doctoral Research Associate, (Electrochemical Energy Conversion Division)

"Processing Ceramic Proton Conductors by Inverse Tape Casting for use in Steam Electrolysis"



Dr.Motonori Watanabe, Associate Professor, Molecular Photoconversion Devices Division 

"Modification of organic molecule structure for photocatalytic hydrogen production in water medium"



★IISS Schedule★

(4月のIISS schedule)

(海外からの発表者 No. 150)




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