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Seminars / Symposiums

The 39th Institute Interest Seminar Series took place(2013.07.4)

At the venue
Date & Time: Thursday, July 4, 2013   9:00-10:30


Main Venue: Conference Room, 2F of the I2CNER Building, Ito campus


It is encouraged interdisiplinary research at I2CNER and

ongoing collaborative research between two different groups; CO2 Capture and Utilization and Fuel Cells was introduced this time.



                                                               Chair:    Dr. Shigenori Fujikawa, Associate Professor                                                                         <CO2 Capture and Utilization Division >

                             Speakers:  Dr. Sean Bishop, Assistant Professor                             

                                             < Fuel Cells Division > 


                            →  Abstract (PDF)


                            → Seminar Info ( PDF)

Collaborative researcher, Dr. Fujikawa also answered some questions from participants.
Dr. Sean Bishop
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