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Seminars / Symposiums

The 33rd Institute Interest Seminar Series took place(2013.03.14)

Mr. Ayanobu Horinouchi, D2

Mr. Takahiro Kikunaga, D2

Prof. Ogo gave advice on how to make a presentation.

At the venue

Date & Time: Thursday, March 14, 2013   9:00-10:30


Main Venue: Conference Room, 2F of the I2CNER Building,

                     Ito campus


We hold the "Student Day", as last IISS of FY2012. The seminar was conducted by I2CNER's Super Research Assistants (SRA) and participants listened earnestly to their presentations.



Chair:    Mr. Mitsuhiro Kikkawa, D1

             <Advanced Materials Transformations Division>


Speakers:   Mr. Ayanobu Horinouchi, D2

                  <Hydrogen Production Division>

                   → Abstract(PDF)


                   Mr. Takahiro Kikunaga, D2

                   <Advanced Materials Transformations  


                   → Abstract (PDF)



 → Seminar Info(PDF)

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