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Seminars / Symposiums

The 28th Seminar: Institute Interest Seminar Series took place (2012.12.5)

Mr. Takamichi Shinohara, D2

Ms. Huei-Ru “Molly” Jhong,

PhD student from University of Illinois 

Director Sofronis
At the Venue

Date & Time: Wednesday, December 5, 2012   9:00-10:30


Main Venue: Open Learning Plaza # 108, Ito campus


The Ito campus, where the seminar was held, 

 was connected with University of Illinois and Sandia National Laboratory through a telecommunications system.

The realtime presentation was given by the student from UI

in this time. 

 Director Sofronis attended at the venue and had a lively discussion with participants.


Chair: Mr. Koichi Tsuboi, D2         

    <Hydrogen Structural Materials Division>


Speakers: Mr. Takamichi Shinohara, D2                

               <Hydrogen Production Division> 

                   → Abstract (PDF)


                 Ms. Huei-Ru “Molly” Jhong, D3                

                <University of Illinois>

                   → Abstract (PDF)



Seminar Info (PDF)

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