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Seminars / Symposiums

The 18th I²CNER Institute Interest Seminar Series took place (2012.4.18)

At the venue

A telecommunications system

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 18, 2012 9:00-10:30

Main Venue: Open Learning Plaza #108, Ito campus,

                     Kyushu University                      


      ※The Ito campus, where the seminar was held, 

                 was connected with the Hakozaki campus as well

                 as Sandia National Laboratories through a 

                 telecommunications system.

                 There were many participants at the venue and

                 had a lively discussion with participants.


Chair: Dr. Arnaud Macadre,

         Post-doctoral Research Associate

         <Hydrogen Structural Materials>

 Speaker: Dr. Miho Yamauchi, Associate Professor

             <Material Transformations>
        → Abstract (PDF)


               Dr. Shintaro Ida, Associate Professor

               <Hydrogen Production >

       →  Abstract (PDF) 


Seminar Info(PDF)



Dr. Miho Yamauchi, Associate Professor
Dr. Shintaro Ida, Associate Professor
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