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A paper of Postdoctoral Research Associate Singh Shiwani, and Prof. Takeshi Tsuji and their collaborative researcher was published in "Physical Review E"

To emphasize the importance of the kinetic boundary condition for micro- to nanoscale flow, we present an ad hoc kinetic boundary condition suitable for torturous geological porous media. We found that the kinetic boundary condition is one of the essential features which should be supplemented to the standard lattice Boltzmann scheme in order to obtain accurate continuum observables. The claim is validated using a channel flow setup by showing the agreement of mass flux with analytical value. Further, using a homogeneous porous structure, the importance of the kinetic boundary condition is shown by comparing the permeability correction factor with the analytical value. Finally, the proposed alternate to the kinetic boundary condition is validated by showing its capability to capture the basic feature of the kinetic boundary condition.


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