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I2CNER participated in AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan (MEXT) and WPI Institutes, including the International Institute for Carbon-Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER), represented the World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI) at the 2014 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois, USA from February 13-17.


Founded in Philadelphia in 1848, AAAS is the world’s largest general scientific society and is the publisher of the journal Science, as well as Science Translational Medicine and Science Signaling. AAAS is open to all and currently serves around 10 million people throughout its 261 affiliated societies and academies of science. AAAS is a non-profit organization that fulfills its mission to “advance science and serve society” through initiatives in science policy, international programs, science education, and more.


Each year, the AAAS Annual Meeting brings together a diverse group of attendees, including scientists, parents and children, and national and international media. The meeting, which hosts as many as 11,000 participants, promotes effective communication among policymakers, researchers, and the public. The 2014 AAAS Annual Meeting offered a blend of more than 160 symposia, lectures, and specialized seminars, as well as poster presentations and an exhibition hall. Although AAAS is in its 166th year, the 2014 meeting is actually the 180th AAAS Annual Meeting. This year’s meeting theme was "Meeting Global Challenges: Discovery and Innovation."


The WPI Institutes and MEXT hosted the WPI booth as part of the Japan pavilion, which was organized by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST). Over the course of the three day exhibition during the meeting, participants ranging from scientists to administrators to lawmakers visited the Japan pavilion.


On February 14, the WPI program and RIKEN held a workshop with the theme; “Build a Career in Japan!". In the workshop, Mr. Iwabuchi, Director, WPI / Office for Promotion of Basic Research, Basic Research Promotion Division, Research Promotion Bureau, MEXT, outlined the WPI program and described exciting career opportunities in Japan for foreign researchers. Prof. Sofronis, Director of I2CNER, also described appealing environments of research institutes in Japan.

The next AAAS Annual Meeting is scheduled for February 2015 in San Jose.

(At the workshop venue)

(Mr. Iwabuchi, MEXT)

(Prof. Sofronis, I2CNER)

(At the reception venue)

(On the white board...) (Someone liked cookies of our reception!)


Japan pavilion held the reception and welcomed researchers, journalists and families.


(At the plenary venue)

(Dr. Steven Chu, one of the plenary lecturers)

(At the WPI booth) (WPI outreach members)

(Appealing Japanese research institutes

as "All Japan")

(Prof. Sofronis and Mr. Ohtake, Senior

Executive Director of JST)



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